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Sensory Playground Equipment

Using five senses during play is critical to using the imagination. Touch, sight, feel and sound are all necessary to have a complete experience at the playground.

GameTime's sensory equipment comes in all shapes and sizes, and includes musical instruments, like drums and horns, to equipment that creates motion or textures that thrill. Sensory playground equipment is meant to enrich the time a child has on a playground so that it’s more meaningful – and memorable. It’s also ideal for encouraging interaction. Musical instruments are best when children are encouraged to collaborate, and can make music together without saying a word. Sensory playground equipment is designed to positively challenge a child’s ability to respond to stimulation around them.

A new science of play has emerged from the explosion of information emerging from the social, psychological, behavioral and biological sciences. For children and adults, play strengthens the mind and the body, straightening the path toward social competency, emotional stability, physical capability and success.

Some examples of sensory playground equipment include nature trails, musical equipment, hands-on water play and sandboxes. The creation of innovative play environments that integrate manufactured play equipment with the living landscape will be successful through the aligned energy of those on the front line working together to implement research-based best practice.

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