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Every parent remembers the very first time they put their child in a swing. Now, imagine being part of the experience! Eye-to-eye, face-to-face, there to reassure and delight with your child through every up and down. Expression Swings allow a personal connection between riders, and take a decades-old playground staple into a new era. Best of all, its inclusive design (hyperlink to inclusive page) makes it suitable for children of all abilities.

Research tells us when a parent and a child's eyes meet, particularly during play, there is an intense and significant moment of emotional bonding that occurs. Scientists call this "attunement" and it enhances the social, emotional and cognitive well-being of both children and adults. Expression Swings offer just that – an expression of fun and safety between a child and a loved one.

Expression Swings come in a variety of sizes, so that kids of all ages and abilities are able to enjoy time with their loved ones while on the playground. The original Expression Swing is suitable for smaller children, who will get a sense of comfort and empowerment by enjoying the swing with an adult on the other side. The toddler expression swing is perfect for a growing little one, who may need a little more space.

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