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As a leader in inclusive play and the advent of customized and themed playgrounds, GameTime offers a wide range of creative, forward-thinking playground sets that are perfect for children of every age and ability. Limited only by imagination, playground sets will spark creativity and play and bring a community together to enjoy a play space that is a true destination!

Some examples of playground sets include Timber Tower, the playground set that’s built to mimic a forest, or Moon Walk, the playground set that’s built to imitate outer space. Capturing the core of imaginative play, GameTime playground sets are fully customizable, from playground surfacing to equipment and amenities, and meant to add tremendous value to organizations and communities.

Playground sets don’t have to just be limited to use by children. There are several playground sets that can be enjoyed by older children and even seniors. Encouraging play to an older generation encourages a higher sense of community and well-being, staves off loneliness and encourages emotional support amongst peers. Play is a source of enlivenment, it fuels life forces, even when circumstances are challenging. Regardless of age, humans are hard wired to enjoy and need play. Playground sets built with the entire community in mind can be enjoyed for years to come, whether it's infants using Expression Swings with a caregiver or seniors using balance beams with their friends.

GameTime has packaged together the best playground sets that meet a wide range of needs and budgets. Our play experts design play systems according to industry research and best practices, including those established by the Canadian Standards Association, Consumer Product Safety Commission and International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association. From age-appropriate developmental activities to safety requirements, we ensure that our products can be enjoyed by children of all ages and abilities. Coupled with environmentally friendly design and one of the industry’s best warranties, you can have peace of mind when choosing a GameTime playground set for your park, school, university, early learning center, health & wellness facility or other organization.

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View play sets that include features such as motion & spinning, music & sound, shade, roofs and more. Each system is compliant with the Canadian Standards Association.

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