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Kids Climbers

Just like kids themselves, climbers come in all shapes and sizes, like planks, pines, and rainbows. They’re best utilized to enhance a play space, and kids climbers are a great addition to jungle gyms and playgrounds.

The best climbers are the ones that are challenging but fun! Evoking a sense of imagination, kids climbers let little ones feel like they’re scaling Mt. Everest, even though they may only be a few feet off the ground. Kids can use climbers to move from different structures within a playground, all while never touching the ground.

GameTime’s kids climbers are perfectly suited to blend into a playground and are a great way to promote physical fitness through play. Some examples of kids climbers include: Spider climbers, climbing walls, climbers shaped like schooners and even rocket ships! Allowing children to use their imagination by pretending they’re super heroes or in a faraway land, climbers boost a child’s bravery, strength and inclusion. Most importantly, they encourage imaginative play! Climbers help people of all ages and abilities develop social skills, taking turns, sharing and expressing their feelings. Climbers allow children to problem solve by making them aware and think of their next move on the structure, as well as boosting self-esteem. Getting to the top of a climber is no easy feat and children of all ages should feel empowered to tackle them safely.

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