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Playground Planning & Design

If you can dream it, we can build it.

Each of our playground designs incorporates safety, innovation and fun. Our designers, artists and engineers create playgrounds that adhere to the safety guidelines and best practices established by the Canadian Standards Association, Consumer Product Safety Commission and International Playground Equipment Manufacturers Association.

Working with organizations across Canada, GameTime develops the perfect combination of stand-alone custom play sculptures, modular glassfibre reinforced concrete parts, inclusive structures and themed panels, roofs and climbers to build a signature destination playground for your community. We design play environments that tell a story, link to your community’s heritage and invite children of all ages and abilities to enjoy play events that enhance their health and wellness.

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Playground Funding Guide

Get a list of local, regional and national funding opportunities for your next project!

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Featured Project: Glenrose Hospital - Glenrose Hospital 055 180926 101739 540 1537971458

Featured Project: Glenrose Hospital

At Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital, play isn't just something patients look forward to after recovery-it's part of the healing process. This therapeutic play and fitness space is designed for patients of all ages and abilities:

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Advanced Playground Rendering Tools

When you're planning a new play or recreation space, it can be difficult to visualize every detail. Thanks to our advanced rendering technology, you can view your playground, Challenge Course, or fitness park before it's even built.

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Featured Project: Honey Bee Themed Park - Lendrum Park 024 180926 101745 541 1537971464

Featured Project: Honey Bee Themed Park

Alberta is Canada's largest producer of honey, and the City of Edmonton has more beekeepers than any other Canadian city. That's why the community wanted the new playground at Lendrum Park to be abuzz with children.

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GameTime Catalogs

Check our GameTime's catalogs to provide inspiration and information for your play and recreation projects.

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Featured Project: Cottage Park - Chaumi Re 2 3E03A5C40214F110542186E1D30120Bd 470 1532976000

Featured Project: Cottage Park

Cottage Park in Quebec features slides, shade and climbers as well as an area where kids can gather together to sit and relax outside.

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