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Merry Go Rounds

Merry go rounds are a playground staple. They’re fun for children of all ages and abilities, and encourage social interaction with new friends through inclusive play. Everyone immediately recognizes merry go rounds for being fun, safe and easy to enjoy! Merry-go-rounds evoke a feeling of weightlessness, carefree play and imagination. Children can easily maneuver the equipment on their own, or rely on a parent or friend to push them, making the merry-go-round the perfect addition to enhance any play space.

Merry go rounds come in all shapes and sizes, making them the ideal play component for anyone. GameTime offers a wide range of merry go rounds products for any size playground. The Inclusive Whirl is wheelchair accessible, while the Space Whirl is a traditional merry go rounds that you likely can recall from your own childhood.

GameTime’s inclusive playgrounds focus on removing barriers, so that all people can play without limitation. A truly great inclusive play space provides access, promotes inclusive play between children of all abilities.

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