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Programs & Research

Programs & Research

GameTime utilizes best practice programs and educational resources that are developed by experts in the field of play and recreation to create high-quality play and recreation destinations. The design principles, programming and advocacy resources provide specialized guidance to parks, schools, early childhood centers, places of worship, health & wellness facilities and others who want to create recreational spaces that thoughtfully put research into practice.

We are also proud to partner with Kinetic GPO, a cooperative purchasing organization established for Public Sector and MASH entities across Canada. All products offered by GameTime are eligible for the Kinetic GPO program. Kinetic GPO contracts are competitively solicited and awarded based on best value.

These programs and resources are free to you. Additionally, we can provide professional development and continuing education on a wide variety of topics at no cost.

2Play Together® - 2 Play Overview Cover Rgb Min 1064 1547052062

2Play Together®

2Play Together® equips playground programmers and educators with recommendations and activities that promote character development and help children foster friendships through inclusive play.

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Blueprint for Play® - Blueprint Overview Cover 951 1541795236

Blueprint for Play®

Developed by PlayCore, the guidebooks help communities engage stakeholders and outline best practices and recommendations for each stage of a playground project: planning, funding, playground design and maintenance.

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Kinetic GPO - Kinetic Gpo Mark Square 1213 1569338307

Kinetic GPO

All products offered by GameTime are eligible for the Kinetic GPO program. We are part of a full-service, turn-key contract including playground equipment, playground accessories, site furnishings, playground surfacing, shade structures, water spray parks, fitness and sports equipment, park equipment and installation services.

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Me2® - Me2 7 Principles Rgb 1028 1544715835


The 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design® helps communities create inclusive play environments that break down both physical and social barriers for people of all ages and abilities.

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NatureGrounds® - Nature Grounds Overview Cover 927 1541776433


NatureGrounds® provides guidelines for naturalizing play environments by integrating play equipment and the living landscape to infuse nature into the everyday spaces of childhood.

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Outdoor Adult Fitness™ - Outdoor Overview Cover 957 1541793982

Outdoor Adult Fitness™

Focusing on functional fitness and the four aspects of a well-rounded workout – aerobic activity, core development, muscle strength and balance and flexibility, the Outdoor Adult Fitness™ guidebook lists the benefits of outdoor exercise for adults and includes best-practice guidelines for designing and promoting an outdoor fitness space in your community.

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Outdoor Creative Play and Learning - Ocpl Box 9757 1495564689 608E93763Cf4C85F2642Cdb7E60Df2F6 822 1541621416

Outdoor Creative Play and Learning

The curriculum provides unique opportunities to bring learning outdoors through playground activities designed to stimulate creativity and imagination.

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Pathways for Play® - Pathways Play Overview 932 1541777786

Pathways for Play®

Pathways for Play® provides guidelines for infusing play into trails and pathways networks to attract more children and families, encourage physical activity and foster family fun!

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Play On!® - Playon Overview Cover 933 1541777790

Play On!®

Play On! ® offers 125 evidence-based playground activities to promote physical activity and encourage skills development utilizing six key elements of play.

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 Playground Inspection and Maintenance Guide - Maintenance And Supervision Guides 7705 1489007313 880 1541687379

Playground Inspection and Maintenance Guide

Authored by playground safety consultants Teri Hendy and Daniel Hendy, of Site Masters, Inc., the Playground Inspection and Maintenance guide helps maximize playground maintenance efforts.

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Playground Supervision Guide - Maintenance And Supervision Guides 7705 1489007313 881 1541687383

Playground Supervision Guide

The Playground Supervision Guide helps playground administrators maintain a safe and fun play space.

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Power of Urban Play - Urban Overview Cover 934 1541777793

Power of Urban Play

The Power of Urban Play: Unleashing the Role of Play Environments as Community Assets is a national report that reflects the research and viewpoints of urban park and recreation leaders from across the country.

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Strong Foundations - Strong Foundations Overview Cover 935 1541777797

Strong Foundations

Strong Foundations is an educational resource guide that details important considerations in selecting a safe surface for your playground.

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Unified We Play - United Cover 996 1541795124

Unified We Play

Unified We Play is a national initiative that recognizes the importance of establishing partnerships to meet community needs.

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Words on Play™ - Words On Play Cover 2 888 1541687400

Words on Play™

Not only is Words on Play a valuable resource for play advocates, it can also be used as a research tool for grant writing.

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