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What child doesn’t wish, at some point in their young lives, that they can fly? With playground ziplines, that dream becomes a reality in a safe and fun way! Soaring through the air for a moment in time, children get to experience weightlessness, freedom and excitement, while friends and loved ones cheer them on and catch them on the other side.

GameTime’s playground ziplines come in a wide variety of styles and sizes and are perfect for little explorers who are ready to take a leap and experience the wind in their face for a few precious moments. Each playground zipline offers a physical fitness component, encouraging children to harness upper body strength and engage the core to remain anchored on the equipment. Playground ziplines not only promote gross motor development, but they improve critical thinking and problem-solving skills and provide opportunities for creative and social interaction.

Playground ziplines are also inclusive. The Zero G Seat on the Sky Run Zip Track allows children of all ages and abilities to sit safely as they soar through the air, with a full chair backing and harness. There is also the traditional playground zipline available, with the Sky Run Zipline, perfect for brave little ones!

When children are empowered to explore the world around them, safely and with supervision, they learn about their capabilities and experience new adventures. GameTime’s ziplines are a great way to incorporate physical activity onto a playground all the while encouraging children to use their imagination as they catch flight.

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