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Imagine spending the afternoon pretending to scale an evergreen, or climbing through deep, dark caves. That’s possible with PlayTrails from GameTime. PlayTrails combines nature-themed playground equipment with trails and greenways to create a playful trail experience for children and families. Play activities are grouped by theme and installed along a path or trail. Themes can include options like bees, trees or even ants!

As families explore the trail, they encounter these pockets of play that promote physical activity and fun. PlayTrails come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes from tree stumps, mushrooms and even fossils! Creative little ones can use trails to take a rest from strenuous play, or they can use them to play a game of hide and seek with their friends.

Research has shown that exploring the outdoors through play is critical to emotional and physical development. That’s why adding pockets of play through a trail space is so important to building a holistic playground. Children need access to opportunities to activate, stimulate, and exercise their potential in the rich natural diversity of the outdoors. Some of the benefits of having a PlayTrail include: extending play value to an existing playground, promoting healthy choices, by being outdoors and smelling fresh air, and expanding inclusion.

Limited only by your imagination, PlayTrails are a unique addition to any play space and are suitable for kids of all ages and abilities.

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