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Imagine being a pirate, a sailor, a teacher or a train conductor all in the same day! That’s possible with a playground playhouse, built to entice a child’s imagination and creativity.

GameTime playground playhouses come in a variety of shapes and sizes, from a stage coach, a train, a schooner or a traditional playhouse. When children are encouraged to collaborate and play together, the benefits are overwhelming. Children who play in playhouses are able to explore the environment around them through their senses, relying on resourcefulness rather than intellect. The lessons learned about where the wind blows or where the sun shines while in a playhouse sparks creativity and imagination.

The best part about playground playhouses are that they’re inclusive. Boys and girls alike are able to imagine that they’re someone else for the duration of their play, regardless of age or ability. When children can play without limits, and imagine themselves in a pretend world in a playhouse, they’re opening themselves up to learn about a life they may otherwise be unfamiliar with. This is especially true when inviting new friends to play! The possibilities are endless and offer hours of fun, no matter how many times a child visits a playground.

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Playground playhouses invite creativity and imagination for all children and are a unique addition to your play space.

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