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GameTime is excited to announce an expanded partnership with Inclusive Play®. Headquartered in the United Kingdom, Inclusive Play has been a leader in the design of inclusive playground products across Europe since 2006. They provide products that are highly sought after for European parks, and now they will be available in Canada, Mexico and the United States through GameTime. The expanded partnership will make GameTime the exclusive distributor of a suite of Inclusive Play products in North America.

Several Inclusive Play products are available now through GameTime:

  • Infinity Bowl - a single-user spinner at transfer height for people of all abilities
  • Fusion - a multi-user spinner designed to provide additional postural support
  • Surfboard - a modern, inclusive balance activity

Product information is listed below. Please contact us to learn more about the Inclusive Play partnership and the inclusive playground products available for your next project!

"We aspire to create products that will excite everyone and make it possible for all children to play together. We strive to create unique products that punctuate, not define a play space, embracing the true meaning of inclusion. To do this, we look at playground favorites and the general play experiences enjoyed by many children. We also think about the barriers to play for children who may not normally have access to all equipment. We give those products a makeover – or we start from scratch – and come up with new ideas that all children will love." - Paul Hoenigmann, Director of Inclusive Play
Fusion - Fusion Rev Min 1259 1571858204


The Fusion features a wide rim to assist with transfer from a mobility device. It offers a comfortable seating area and a unique spinning sensation on a tilted axis.

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Surfboard - Surfboard 1 1260 1571858207


Designed at transfer height, the Surfboard is a playful balance activity that teaches children about the cause-effect relationship.

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Infinity Bowl - Child In Infinity Bowl 1950 1261 1571858210

Infinity Bowl

The unique dipped-edge on the Infinity Bowl makes it easier for children of all abilities to get in and out of the bowl.

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Inclusive Whirl - Inclusive Whirl 2 1262 1571858213

Inclusive Whirl

Designed with a large surface area, the Inclusive Whirl allows children to play in a group and still have adequate room for two regular mobility devices or one power-assisted chair.

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