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Balance Beams

Research shows that active kids perform better academically. Because balance beams are appropriate for all ages and come in a variety of shapes and sizes, they are the perfect addition to any playground and can help improve strength and agility while promoting physical activity.

Balance beams on playgrounds benefit children and adults alike by conditioning core strength, balance, concentration and most importantly, fun! Balance beams are a playful, yet safe, way to introduce flexibility and strength. No matter a person’s age, balance beams improve balance and coordination and are accessible to people with different skillsets and abilities.

Balance beams provide a number of benefits including:

  • Balance: balance beams are called that for a reason! Focusing on balance translates to better coordination in other areas of activity. Faster running, hand-eye coordination and precision.
  • Concentration: by focusing on not falling (part of the fun of the balance beam!) kids of all abilities are forced to focus on making every step deliberate. This concentration leads to discipline, which can then be translated into the classroom.
  • Strength: balance beams may seem simple, but are actually a feat of strength! They offer individuals the ability to use their muscles in a meaningful way, and if they can make it across without falling, bragging rights with their friends.

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