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Themed Playgrounds

GameTime’s themed playground equipment can transform a regular playground with swings, slides and seesaws, into a magical journey into a forest, the deep wide ocean or even into the belly of a whale. Not only can themed playgrounds link to a community’s heritage or culture, they can unlock the imagination of everyone who plays on them, from babies to seniors and everyone in between.

Coastal themes, farming themes, desert themes or nature themes are all built to enhance and spotlight the cherished characteristics of a community, whether through specific types of equipment, like whale crawl tubes, or even color schemes and textures. When choosing equipment, we consider the physical, communicative, social, emotional, sensory and cognitive play opportunities with the equipment placement and offerings. Industry best practices and safety recommendations are incorporated into every playground design. GameTime designers study the history, geography and detail of elements so that themed playground equipment is as realistic as possible, but still playful, imaginative and safe.

Even with all the artistry in themed and custom, our research-backed equipment provides maximum play benefit for children of all ages and abilities. A themed playground truly creates a community destination that children and families can enjoy for years to come.

Check out some of our themed playgrounds for some creative inspiration!

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Sky is the limit when it comes to your themed playground. If you can dream it, we can build it!

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