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Playground swings are nostalgic, exciting and simple all at the same time. Back-and-forth, high or low, there is a swing for every child, regardless of age or ability. GameTime’s children’s swings, like children themselves, come in every shape and size, from traditional to tire swings and Expression Swings, making them inclusive and most importantly, fun!

Even if a child can’t quite figure out how to pump a swing by themselves, relying on a parent or guardian to help is just as exciting. We’ve all heard children squealing on a playground, “higher!” or “faster!” Playground swings are the perfect addition to any existing play space and offer a great teachable moment for little ones. There’s a rhythm to swinging that must be mastered if height is the goal: legs in, legs out and figuring out the cadence to match the wind so that it’s working for you, not against you, is critical.

Even babies can enjoy playground swings through Expression Swings or baby swings that support their backs. Expression Swings are a great opportunity for parents and babies to have fun on the swings together, as well as allowing children of all abilities to enjoy the back and forth motion of the cherished playground swing.

No matter the swing you choose, one thing is certain: swings are a timeless playground staple and are loved by children everywhere.

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