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Music, sound and movement go together perfectly and are a great way for children of all ages and abilities to express themselves on the playground. That’s why GameTime believes musical equipment on the playground is the perfect addition to your play space! Creating a rhythmic conversation through music and sound encourages collaboration, innovation and diversity. Just like children, no two music notes are the same.

GameTime manufactures a variety of music and sound equipment. From electronic drums, keyboard and guitars to sound panels and bongos, children have the opportunity to excite their ears and enjoy music and sounds during play. Giving children a break from performing physically, musical instruments on a playground harness a creative side to play. Outdoor musical environments are particularly magical because there usually isn’t the need to restrain the volume level.

In addition to fun sounds, there are clear benefits to unrestricted and uninhibited playing of musical instruments:

  • Language and literacy skills are improved when children are exposed to music because they share a number of processing systems in the brain
  • Playing musical instruments enhances fine motor skills
  • Actively engaging with musical instruments can lead to an increase in emotional sensitivity and intelligence, more positive attitudes towards school and increased self-confidence

The scientific proof on the topic of music and sound is clear: it stimulates the brain in a way that encourages cognitive function and healthy intellectual, social and physical development.

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Music and sound equipment give children the creative freedom to express themselves with different sounds and tones!

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