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Tips for Outdoor Play During Winter icon

Tips for Outdoor Play During Winter

Helping CommunitiesParks & RecEarly Childhood

Even in cold weather, it's important to encourage children to stay active outdoors. Winter presents unique challenges, but here are some tips to make wintertime playtime safe and enjoyable.

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10 Ways Outdoor Fitness Improves Quality of Life icon

10 Ways Outdoor Fitness Improves Quality of Life

Parks & RecOutdoor Fitness

Outdoor fitness parks provide a lot of benefits to users ages 13 and up and to the whole community. What are the benefits of outdoor fitness parks? Here are 10 ways outdoor fitness parks in Canada make life better for the people.

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Providing Fitness in Parks for All Ages icon

Providing Fitness in Parks for All Ages

Parks & RecOutdoor Fitness

As Canada’s population ages, it is essential for parks to meet the physical activity needs of older adults. Outdoor fitness spaces are great way to keep adults of all ges active, and they are a growing trend across the country.

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Product Highlight: Expression Swing icon

Product Highlight: Expression Swing

Parks & RecSchoolsDaycaresChurchesEarly ChildhoodInclusion

Expression Swing is the industry's first patented face-to-face, eye-to-eye playground swing that lets parents and children enjoy play together. The design encourages emotional bonding between child and adult caregiver, and it allows adults to experience the joy of play with their child.

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Upgrading Playgrounds in Canada icon

Upgrading Playgrounds in Canada

Helping CommunitiesParks & RecInclusionOutdoor Fitness

Designing new playgrounds is exciting for a community, but what if you just need to update an existing playground? Here are six ways GameTime's playground experts in Canada can refresh and revitalize your playground.

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Good News in (Canadian) Parks icon

Good News in (Canadian) Parks

Helping CommunitiesParks & Rec

GameTime and PlayCore produce a live, bi-monthly Zoom show for parks professionals to share great ideas and best practices. We're proud to announce Rachel Bedingfield from Kentville, Nova Scotia will be a guest panelist on our September 24 episode.

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How Play Helps Promote Social Equality icon

How Play Helps Promote Social Equality

Helping CommunitiesParks & RecSchoolsEarly Childhood

The lessons children learn on a playground inform and shape who they become as adults. Research shows play helps children learn how to relate to one another, to empathize, and to solve problems. Play is powerful.

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