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Product Highlight: Expression Swing


GameTime Expression Swings are one of our favourite ways to play at the park. They are also one of the most popular pieces of playground equipment across Canada because they encourage parents and kids to have fun at the playground, together.

There are four models of Expression Swing:

  • Expression Swing - the original face-to-face swing for parents and children (ages 5 to 12)
  • Expression Swing Toddler - features a cradle-style seat for children ages 6 to 23 months
  • Expression Swing Universal - includes an adaptive swing seat for children who need additional support
  • Expression Swing Tandem - the perfect swing for two older children, adult and child, or two adults.

The magic of Expression Swing is how it supports the scientific principle of "attunement" or emotional connection between an child and adult caregiver. When a parent and child's eyes meet, especially when engaged in three-dimensional movement, the brain is activated in new and exciting ways.

As play expert Dr. Stuart Brown, MD explains, “Three dimensional movement fosters things which are really important such as emotional competency and future learning. Nothing lights up the brain like play.”

Brown also sees the importance of play not just for childhood development, for adults as well, stating, “We never, even as adults, lose the joy of movement.”

If you want to support multigenerational play in your park or playground, contact us and let's find the right Expression Swing for you.