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Upgrading Playgrounds in Canada


GameTime's play and recreation experts in Canada work with communities to create dynamic, fun, and inclusive play environments for everyone. Sometimes a community doesn't need to start from scratch, though. If you already have a playground that meets safety standards, but you want to give it an update to provide more play value, we can help with that too!

Here are six ways to breathe new life into a play and recreation space.

Add Seating To Your Park or Playground

A park isn't a park until people have a place to sit. Adding benches and tables can create quiet areas to for people to gather, socialize, and enjoy a restful moment. Custom-designed or ornamental benches and seats can elevate the aesthetic of your park or complement the natural landscape.

Give Me Shelters

One of the chief uses of parks is to provide community gathering spaces. Shelter structures provide protection from the elements. They're also great to encourage people to stay longer in your park or recreation area.

Waste Bins for Playgrounds in Canada

Keeping your park clean and tidy is a lot easier when you provide waste bins. Litter receptacles and waste bins give people an easy way to manage waste. They also reduce maintenance time and costs.

Recycle More Than Waste

Adding recycling bins in your park is a great way to encourage visitors to dispose of their recyclables in a responsible manner. You can help protect the environment by using park and recreation products that are constructed from recycled materials. From play system components to benches to playground surfacing, there are many recycled material option available.

Using recycled materials may also help you qualify for funding like the grants from the Alberta Recycling Association.

Add Outdoor Fitness

Adding a space for adults to exercise while children are at play can make a park feel brand new. It also creates opportunities for parents to set a positive example for healthy movement. Outdoor fitness equipment comes in many styles and configurations to fit the health and wellness needs of your community.

Include Products for Everyone

Upgrading existing equipment or adding one or two new pieces of inclusive play and recreation equipment can help encourage people of all abilities to enjoy your park. Adaptive swings and fitness equipment, accessible play system components, and the right safety surfacing can transform your existing park into an inclusive destination.

A New Park and Playground is Easier Than You Think

If you've put off updating your park or playground in Canada because you thought you needed to start from scratch, there's good news. With a few additions here or there, and some planning for people of all ages and abilities you can create a playful destination that feels new. Upgrades take less time and require less expense than building a new site.

To learn how GameTime's play experts in Canada can help you update and upgrade your park or playground, contact one of our professionals in your neighborhood.