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Trash Cans

Park trash cans are an easy amenity that is low-cost and can help keep your park free of litter and debris. Best of all, GameTime’s trash receptacles are available in a variety of styles so they can blend right in with your other equipment and amenities. Choose from bright colors, nature themes and rustic designs and trash cans with domed covers or lids.

GameTime’s park consultants can help you choose the best style and number of trash cans based on factors like your park’s location, it’s average number of daily visitors and the park layout. Some parks may only need a couple of receptacles while others will benefit from more. In-ground, surface, permanent or portable mounting options are available, helping you achieve a site amenity that is both functional and visually appealing.

Check out GameTime's selection of trash cans for community's play space!

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Keep things neat and tidy by adding trash cans to your park or playground.