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February is North American Inclusion Month


At GameTime, we believe in inclusion. We believe in removing barriers so that children of all ages and abilities can play – together. Inclusion is truly at our core, and that’s why when North American Inclusion Month comes around in February, we take every opportunity to celebrate it!

GameTime designs products and play spaces to be used by the greatest number of people to the greatest extent possible. These designs are based on best practice, evidence-based research. In fact, much of our product development and playground design is informed by the experts at Utah State University Center for Persons with Disabilities and their publication Me2®: 7 Principles of Inclusive Playground Design®. Created in Partnership with GameTime’s parent company, PlayCore, Me2 is a comprehensive design guide for creating play spaces that go beyond accessibility and address the needs of the whole child – physical, emotional, social and mental – as well as the whole space and the whole community.

Each February, we advocate inclusion. We share innovative projects and products that encourage children of all abilities to be more active and social together. We also share opportunities for you to get involved in new inclusive play projects and provide free offers, webinars and downloads that you can share with your community.

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