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How to Design an Outdoor Fitness Park By the Book


Most people think about an indoor fitness center when they think about exercising. But people who use outdoor fitness spaces are more likely to build a habit of exercising compared to people who only use indoor gyms. in fact, outdoor fitness parks may be the solution to many community health crises.

If you’ve considered adding outdoor fitness equipment to your park or recreation area, there is a resource you should have – the Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks design guide from PlayCore. Read on to learn how this guidebook is essential to your planning process.

Start With Research-Based Design

PlayCore’s Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks outlines studies that show a need for outdoor fitness and parks designed using best practices and research.

One study found when an outdoor fitness park is thoughtfully designed, it attracts twice as many visitors compared to other parks and outdoor fitness areas. This shows how popular these parks are and why it’s vital to use a research-based approach.

Another second study discovered 63% of outdoor fitness park users engaged in moderate to vigorous levels of activity – an essential milestone of personal health and wellness. The major takeaway from this study is people can get an effective workout using outdoor fitness equipment.

Other Reasons for Outdoor Fitness Parks

Outdoor fitness gyms and workout areas promote socialization. They offer a free alternative to costly gym memberships.

Some parks departments offset the cost of installing outdoor workout equipment through fee-based arrangements with personal trainers to reserve the fitness area training sessions.

And fitness parks may also qualify for grant funding related to obesity prevention/reduction.

Planning a Park

PlayCore’s Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks contains everything you need to start planning an outdoor workout area.

You’ll learn about outdoor fitness park typologies like fitness centers and fitness trails.

The guide also shares guidelines for the type and configuration of outdoor fitness equipment like placement, spacing, signage, and other details.

The guide provides essential details on how to design a park for diverse user groups. A park designer must consider the following:

  • Skill level (beginners - fitness enthusiasts)
  • Age (teenagers – senior citizens)
  • Users with disabilities
  • Multilingual users
  • Class groups
  • Solo users

GameTime Fitness Equipment

GameTime offers a variety of outdoor gym equipment that meets the guide’s considerations. We also offer expert advice on selecting, installing, and programming your outdoor fitness park.

Help Your Community Be More Fit

Outdoor fitness parks have many benefits for communities. PlayCore’s guidebook for developing a fitness park is based on best practice research and includes plenty of examples, case studies, equipment suggestions, and more.

Learn more and request your copy today! Or contact a GameTime Canada outdoor fitness expert today.