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Three Reasons to Purchase Through Kinetic GPO


Group Purchasing Organizations combine multiple entities like municipalities, schools, hospitals, and other public sector organizations on a single contract to increase the purchasing power of each participating member. When you purchase playground equipment, park accessories, or outdoor fitness equipment through a GPO like Kinetic GPO, you can count on getting the best price without the time and hassle of the typical procurement process.

There are many reasons to purchase your play and recreation equipment from GameTime Canada through Kinetic GPO. If you are in charge of procurement for your organization, here are three reasons to become a member of Kinetic GPO.

1. Kinetic GPO Contracts are Compliant

GameTime chose Kinetic GPO because they hired compliance, legal, and contract experts to ensure the agreements are “fair, open, and transparent,” as required by the Canadian Free Trade Agreement. These contracts were developed in Canada by Canadians for Canadians.

Kinetic GPO invested in compliance to ensure that they work in lockstep with national and regional trade agreements.

2. Buying Through a GPO Saves Time

Staff and resources are often in short supply. Many organizations manage hundreds of contracts and each usually requires a lengthy solicitation and review process. Even the most straightforward contracts can require months to negotiate a purchase.

A GPO membership eases the strain on your procurement staff and minimizes the hours required to conduct a solicitation process. Kinetic GPO follows a CFTA and CETA (Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement, commonly referred to at the Canada-Europe Trade Agreement) compliant process throughout the solicitation, evaluation, and due diligence steps.

As a Kinetic GPO supplier, GameTime has gone through the public bid process and met the required legal criteria, as well as Kinetic’s strict standards. This saves you a lot of time. When you purchase GameTime playground equipment through Kinetic, you’ll free up your staff’s time and expertise for more complicated solicitations.

3. Save Money With GameTime Canada and Kinetic GPO

One of the most potent benefits of Group Purchasing Organizations in Canada is aggregated national pricing. This means every organization, regardless of size, has the same buying power and contracts. The money you save through GameTime’s agreement with Kinetic GPO can be used in other areas of your budget. Our Kinetic GPO contract is broad in scope and covers every product we offer - from playground equipment to outdoor fitness products and picnic tables or park benches.

Make the Right Buying Decision For Your Community

Not all GPOs are the same. When you purchase GameTime products as a member of Kinetic GPO, you can be assured you are purchasing on a contract compliant with all Canadian regulations. You’ll also enjoy a simplified procurement process and the best possible price - guaranteed.

To learn more about Kinetic GPO and how it can help you maximize your budget and minimize procurement hassles, contact a GameTime Canada representative today!

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