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Plan Your School or Daycare Play Area - Five Free Resources


Our GameTime Cares™ program provides resources to help you plan an age-appropriate, fun, and innovative playground. Whether you are planning to build a new play area or expand your current space, we have the information and tools you need.

Read on and learn about five resources that make planning a play area fast, fun, and easy.

1. Create a Playground Supervision Plan

Experts agree many playground accidents can be avoided with proper adult supervision. As part of our Safety Resource Series, GameTime publishes a Playground Supervision Guide. This guidebook provides tips for supervising the play environment.

With our playground supervision guide, you'll identify potential environmental and playground equipment hazards. You’ll also find guidelines to help you develop adequate supervision and emergency response plans.

2. Make Outdoor Education Fun and Exciting

Children love being outdoors. With our Play Trails Activity Guides, you’ll have fun and exciting ways to teach children about animals and their habitats.

Play Trails® is an innovative approach to outdoor play. It infuses activities along trails in themed “play pockets” that include nature-inspired play equipment and educational signs.

Our Activity Guides provide environmental education while you explore the Play Trail. If you don’t have a Play Trail in your community, you can still use these booklets on a nature walk. They include activities to inspire children about the wonders of nature and develop a sense of environmental stewardship.

3. Create Musical Play Areas

GT Jams® musical instruments on a playground inspire creativity! Modeled after traditional African and Caribbean instruments, each has a unique sound. GT Jams allows children to discover the joy of music while encouraging healthy physical activity.

Parents and teachers can request a copy of the GT Jams® Playbook - a standards-based curriculum that meets the national standards for music and physical education.

4. Create an Outdoor Classroom

GameTime’s Outdoor Creative Play and Learning Kit include 100 standards-based activities to reinforce classroom learning. You’ll find activities for language arts, science, mathematics, and more.

The kit comes in a laminated case with a complete instructor’s guide. There are assessment tools and reproducible activity cards with age-appropriate activities, illustrations, and ways to make each activity inclusive.

5. Make the Playground Part of P.E.

Play On! helps you design a playground that aligns with standards for youth physical activity. The Play On! guidebook includes 125 playground activities for children in Pre-K through 5th grade. These activities promote overall fitness and maximize the use of your playground.

Play On! Includes:

  • 125 playground activities for grades PreK-5
  • Assessment worksheets and equipment lists
  • National Standards of Physical Activity alignment matrix
  • Safety, implementation, inclusion, and teaching strategies
  • Design strategies and funding resources
  • Playground design strategies to promote higher levels of physical activity
  • Professional development training module

Plan Right Now For What’s Next

Your school or early learning center may be closed due to the pandemic. Or you might be scaling back operations for the summer. Regardless, right now is a great time to plan for what’s to come.

These free resources will help you create opportunities for children to be active, have fun, and appreciate the world around them. If you have questions about putting together a play area plan for your school or early learning center, contact the GameTime play, expert in your neighborhood.