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Outdoor Gyms in Edmonton Provide Community with Workout Options


In 2019, the University of Alberta installed GameTime outdoor fitness equipment to give students a space to exercise outdoors. A year later, when the COVID-19 pandemic began, it became a much sought-after workout location when indoor gyms were forced to close. Today, this National Demonstration Site outdoor fitness park continues to draw adults of all ages and walks of life as restrictions fluctuate and people grow accustomed to taking their workouts outdoors.

A City-Wide Commitment to Outdoor Fitness

CBC TV reports people like the outdoor workout equipment at the university campus and throughout the eleven parks in Edmonton. With fluctuations in COVID-19 restrictions on indoor facilities, more people take advantage of exercising outdoors in fitness parks.

According to Brennan Link, Edmonton’s management supervisor of playspaces and sports fields, the city has added outdoor fitness equipment to its public parks for about a decade.

"They are a growing amenity through Canada and North America," Link told CBC. “A full-body workout can be done at many of these sites."

There are eleven fitness parks throughout Edmonton, similar to the GameTime-designed fitness space at the University of Alberta.

A Warm Reception to Outdoor Fitness, Even During Cold Months

While spring and summer offer prime outdoor exercise weather, the fitness park at the University of Alberta is used year-round. The equipment is designed to withstand harsh temperatures and inclement weather. No matter the season, people love the park.

"I think this is a great space. I really like to get outside,” said Brianne Popowich in an interview with CBC TV. Popowich is a third-year student at U of A who enjoys visiting the outdoor gym.

Other students and community members like the convenience of an outdoor gym open 24 hours a day. "I know with things being closed inside and restrictions allowing us to open and close, it provides a space that you can use no matter what," said Capri Horstmann.

Avneet Hayer, wellness coordinator for campus and community recreation at the University of Alberta, helped design the space back in 2019. She pointed out to CBC TV each piece of equipment has a QR code people can scan with their phone for instructional videos. "I'm sure citizens will find creative ways to use the equipment; it's kind of open to anyone's imagination," Hayer says. "We'd like to create two or three of these spaces along Saskatchewan Drive so that people can come and engage in formal recreation.’

Help Your Community Stay Active and Healthy With Outdoor Fitness Equipment

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