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Five Reasons to Add Shade to Your Park or Recreation Area


A recent study on playgrounds revealed more than 60% of outdoor recreation spaces are fully exposed to direct sunlight. Canadian health authorities estimate 90% of non-melanoma skin cancers are associated with exposure to UV rays from the sun. Fortunately, people can find protection from UV radiation at parks and playgrounds when you add shade structures.

Read on and learn five ways shade structures can provide protection and preserve the play experience for children and families.

1. Playground Shade Blocks UV Rays

Sunscreen lotions offer solid protection from UV rays, but you don’t always have a bottle with you when you need it. Playground shade structures from GameTime effectively block up to 97% of UV rays.

People sometimes let their guard down during cooler months on playgrounds in Canada, but prolonged exposure to UV rays even in cooler temperatures can increase your risk of UV-related skin damage. Shade structures on your playground or in your park provide year-round protection from the sun.

2. Take Shelter From the Weather

Playground shades from GameTime do more than block harmful UV rays. They also protect from other elements, too. With the right selection of fabric or shade structures, you can help people enjoy outdoor recreation during windy and rainy days, too.

With GameTime's QuickRelease fabric shades, you can quickly and easily remove shade fabric during high winds or heavy snow.

3. Keep Play Areas Cooler

Adding a shelter or pavilion to your park provides shady spaces for people to gather, rest, and socialize. The shade, combined with airflow through the shelter's open ends, reduces the overall temperature of the social space.

GameTime shade products cool an area by as much as 25-degrees Fahrenheit (15-degrees Celsius).

4. Encourage Longer Periods of Play

When children are cooler, they play longer. The longer they play, more they will realize the benefits of physical activity, social interaction, and imaginative play. Adults, too, will enjoy participating in outdoor activities when the space is cooler and more comfortable.

The easiest way to encourage people to use your park or recreation space is to provide places to cool off with shade structures.

5. Protect Your Investment

Park and playground equipment is a significant investment for communities and schools. Rain, sleet, hail, and sun can cause damage over time. With a shade structure, you can help protect your playground equipment and extend its usefulness for years to come.

We’ve Got You Covered

From massive fabric shade structures that cover entire play areas to integrated shade on outdoor fitness equipment, GameTime Canada has a complete selection of shade and shelter products to keep your outdoor recreation areas cooler and more comfortable. You can protect your investment, help protect users from harmful UV rays, and encourage people to be more active longer.

To learn more, contact the GameTime Canada shade expert in your neighborhood.

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