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The Importance of Human-Powered Electronic Play


There is a growing interest in providing electronic, interactive play without the need for replaceable batteries. More than 15-billion expired batteries end up in landfills around the world each year. The answer to this environmental issue is human-powered electronics.

Batteries Not Required

Electronic games and panels on a playground are fun ways to encourage imaginative and social play. Most electronic play activities require batteries, though. It's disappointing for children when they try to use one of these activities, and the batteries are expired.

Batteries are a maintenance issue, as well. Over the life of a product, maintenance staff have to replace batteries dozens of times. The time and money associated with batteries add up - and there is an environmental cost associated with disposing of old batteries.

With human-powered electronic play, users engage in physical activity of some sort to “power-up” the activity. This may include turning a handle, repeatedly pressing a foot pedal, or rotating a wheel. These innovative products feature sensory-rich experiences like lights and music, story-telling, or social games.

Different Kinds of Human-Powered Electronic Play

GameTime offers a wide range of electronic panels that utilize "RotoGen" technology. The RotoGen powers lights, music, and other sounds when a user turns a handle or presses a pedal. These panels can be included on play systems above or below decks.

Play panels that use RotoGen technology include memory games, musical instruments, story-telling, and much more.

If you're looking for freestanding play activities that combine human-powered play with human-powered electronics, we offer several innovative products like the Magic Whirl and Magic SeeSaw.

The Magic Whirl looks like a traditional merry-go-round, but there are lights and music activated by the motion when children push it. The Magic SeeSaw adds lights and music to another playground favorite. The more movement, the more lights, and music.

The Future of Play is Here

Because of their environmentally-sustainable nature, lower maintenance costs, and fun, engaging activities, human-powered play products will power the imaginations of children throughout 2021 and beyond. To learn more, contact your GameTime representative today.