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How Play Transforms Our Professional Lives


Play helps children develop social, physical, and cognitive skills that prepare them for adulthood, but play shouldn't end when we grow up. In fact, many companies seek out playful people. Hiring managers know people who balance work and play help build a positive culture in their organization.

People who play are creative, team-oriented, and flexible to changing situations. To learn how play transforms an office into a super-charged productivity engine, we talked with Tom Norquist, Senior Vice President of PlayCore. We asked him three questions, and his video answers are below:

Q: How does leading a playful life impact your professional life?

Q: How are companies embracing a playful lifestyle and applying that to their corporate culture? And how are they using a playful environment to recruit employees?

Q: How can play benefit individuals who may be stressed out?

You can read the full transcript of Tom's interview or contact a play expert in your area to learn more about the positive impact of play and recreation.