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Product Spotlight: Expression Swing


Since its introduction in 2015, no other piece of playground equipment has transformed parks and playgrounds like Expression Swing®. Invented by Tom Norquist and based on the scientific research of Dr. Stuart Brown, MD, Expression Swing is the industry's first playground swing that supports an emotional connection and bond between a parent and child. The patented face-to-face and eye-to-eye design allows two children–or a child and adult caregiver–to experience the fun, excitement, and cognitive benefits of swinging play together.

GameTime's Expression Swing is available in four models for every generation and abilitiy

For Every Generation and Ability

The original Expression Swing was designed for an adult and a child between the ages of 24-48 months to face one another while swinging on the playground. The popularity of the innovative design took the world by storm, with communities on six continents installing Expression Swing in parks, playgrounds, schools, churches and daycare centers.

As people began to enjoy the magic of Expression Swing they asked for new and different ways to share the experience. Older children wanted to join the fun with their peers and siblings. Parents asked for a version for younger children and for children with special needs. GameTime designers and engineers responded with new innovations and created four versions of Expression Swing.

  • Expression Swing - the original face-to-face swing for parents and children ages 5 to 12
  • Expression Swing Toddler - with a cradle-style seat for children ages 6 to 23 months
  • Expression Swing Universal - includes an adaptive swing seat for children with special needs
  • Expression Swing Tandem - for two older children, adult and child, or two adults

With a model for every generation and ability, everyone can enjoy playing together, face-to-face and eye-to-eye.

More Than Fun

Swings are one of the most popular types of play experiences for all ages. Swings provide distinct developmental benefits for children. Swings promote fitness and whole-body awareness through actions such as leg-pumping, and they offer opportunities for children to engage in sensory rich experiences that address rhythmical movement and stimulate a child's sense of balance and coordination.

Expression Swing adds another developmental dimension–the scientific principle of attunement. Attunement is the emotional connection between an child and adult caregiver. When a parent and child's eyes meet, especially when engaged in three-dimensional movement, the brain is activated in new and exciting ways.

As play expert Dr. Stuart Brown, MD explains, “Three dimensional movement fosters things which are really important such as emotional competency and future learning. Nothing lights up the brain like play.”

Support Multigenerational Play

There are exciting benefits for people of all ages when they play together. Expression Swing promotes and encourages multigenerational play for everyone. It is based on deep science and years of research, and it is a fun way for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy play together.

If you are interested in adding Expression Swing to your park or playground, contact the GameTime representative in your neighborhood.

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