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Custom Playgrounds - Three Ways to Personalize Play


GameTime’s Landmark Design team brings community visions to life. A fully customized playground is a great way to bring a community together, but even a few custom pieces can personalize your playground in a memorable way.

Keep reading to learn our top three favorite personalizations for parks and playgrounds.

1. Create a Custom Path With Playground Surfacing

One way to personalize a playground is with custom surfacing. You can use poured in place rubber (PIP) as an accessible playground safety surface and customize it with colors, shapes, logos, and more.

We recently used custom PIP surfacing at a playground to create unique animal prints throughout the space. This is a great visual cue to help children know where various play activities are located. It’s also fun when toddlers crawl along the playground and see an amphibian friend hopping along beside them.

custom poured in place surfacing

At another park, our designers used PIP playground surfacing create pathways that connect each area. What a fun way to encourage children to discover the park! It also contributes to the sensory play environment.

Check out this article to learn more about sensory play and its benefits.

2. Add Playful Sculptures

Looking for something different than a typical playground? Consider our TuffCrete or PolyShield play sculptures. With hand sculpted and hand painted climbers and accents, you can add realistic-looking animals, rockets, mountains, and more.

We design creatures that are larger than life, and super fun for playgrounds. Children climb and interact with bald eagles, tortoises, and gila monsters. No matter the history, georgraphy, or culture of your community, we can sculpt playful activities that are a perfect fit.

Need something personalized, but don’t have the time or budget for completely custom designs? GameTime offers ready-to-order play sculptures. Our Baseball or Soccer Ball sculptures are perfect for communities who love to cheer on their team. We also offer a range of nature and animal sculptures.

3. Use the Natural Surroundings and Topography

Sometimes the land presents a challenge to creating a playground. Rather than viewing this as a barrier, we often embrace the landscape and make it part of the playground design.

With particularly hilly topography, we can create custom hillside slides that encourage children to playfully explore. With custom net climbers, they can make quick work of the climb back up the hill.

Explore the Possibilities

When it comes to designing a custom playground, the possibilities are virtually limitless. You can create a playful sensory path with custom poured in place surfacing. Play sculptures modeled after your community’s natural flora or fauna are fun ways to personalize a playground. And if your park has a challenging or interesting landscape, we can work with it to make something truly exceptional.

Custom playground equipment does not have to be an extravagant or expensive undertaking. Including even one of these suggestions will provide a memorable experience to anyone visiting your playground.

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