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Three Ways to Design a Great Outdoor Fitness Space


Outdoor fitness parks are a growing trend across Canada and the United States. Many parks departments are asking the question, "How can I design an outdoor fitness park?" Creating a fitness park that appeals to everyone can be a challenge, especially if you have a population of people who need additional support when exercising.

GameTime's GTFit outdoor fitness equipment includes products that are inclusive and ADA accessible. The range also has therapeutic products designed for older adults or users who need support when working out. Read on for three ways communities use outdoor fitness equipment to support everyone's health and wellness goals.

1. Therapeutic Outdoor Fitness Equipment

A study from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention shows nearly 1/3 of adults over the age of 50 don't engage in regular physical activity. The study found older people who didn't exercise or participate in physical movement outside of regular life were at greater risk of falls, injury, and chronic illness.

GameTime's outdoor fitness products are the perfect option for creating a space for older adults and persons with disabilities. Glenrose Rehabilitation Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta, installed GTfit products as part of their physical therapy program. The space was designed by Park N Play Design, GameTime's exclusive representative in Alberta, Canada.

The outdoor fitness products from GameTime are specially designed to provide additional support for older adults and people who need extra help when starting an exercise program - perfect for a hospital setting. When patients leave the hospital, they receive a complete fitness plan to engage in regular physical activity each day.

2. Multigenerational Fitness for Adults and Kids

Studies suggest children adopt an active lifestyle if they see parents or guardians engage in physical activity. Supporting healthy families was one of the outdoor fitness area goals at Ken Malloy Harbor Regional Park in Los Angeles, California.

The center of the installation is a ropes course with climbing rocks for children ages 5 to 12. Children challenge themselves, exercise in a fun way, and stay within the view of their parents while they exercise, too.

Around the children's rope course are fitness areas to provide all five areas of a well-rounded fitness routine. Personal trainers use the space for group fitness classes, and the entire community is more active together.

3. Create a Fitness Trail

Community trails, walking paths, and greenways are excellent places to install outdoor fitness equipment. A community outdoor fitness trail appeals to a broad range of users regardless of age, ability, and fitness level. A fitness trail at David Carnes Park in Memphis, Tennessee is a great example.

There are fitness stations along the walking paths of the nine-acre park. Families explore the park, walk together, and exercise along the way.

The fitness area at the park also includes a compact, functional training system called THRIVE. THRIVE combines up to 20 fitness stations in as little as 250 square feet. Each station is adaptive to accommodate various fitness levels and abilities.

Back it Up With Research

GameTime utilizes the research found in Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks®: Best Practices for Promoting Community Health by Increasing Physical Activity. This comprehensive design guide was created by PlayCore in partnership with leading experts in the fields of health and wellness, exercise science, and human physiology. If you're ready to create a fitness park in your community, contact the GameTime outdoor fitness expert in your neighborhood.