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Introducing The Stadium - A Compact Outdoor Obstacle Course Experience


Challenge Course was the industry's first outdoor obstacle course solution, and it gave children and families a fun way to stay active together. Since its introduction in 2015, park and school customers have installed hundreds of Challenge Courses across North America. One of the most frequent requests we receive is, "can we install an outdoor obstacle course in a smaller space?"

Now you can...with The Stadium.

The Stadium provides the same experience as a full-size outdoor obstacle course, but it only requires about 1,200 square feet to install. It's the perfect fit for smaller spaces and budgets.

The Stadium is Outdoor Obstacle Course Playground Equipment

If you would like to add an obstacle course to your school or park playground, the Stadium is a great solution. With about 1,200 square feet, about the same size as a typical play structure, you can create a fun, unique, and challenging obstacle course experience.

GameTime designed The Stadium to comply with playground equipment ASTM standards for children ages 5 to 12. It works well with other playground equipment and encourages children to stay active during play. It's also a great complement to an outdoor adult fitness park. Studies show children learn healthy habits when they see parents and caregivers exercising, too.

Each obstacle component is thoughtfully designed to meet the needs and fitness level of every student. Children can use each obstacle in different ways to adapt to their skill levels.

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Choose Your Course

A typical obstacle course has a specific start and endpoint. This is a great way to help children learn how to use a course and develop skills through repetition. However, customers asked us to create an obstacle course that adapts to the user's preferences. The Stadium allows children to enter and exit the course at any point and choose a new path of travel every time they play.

GameTime Stadium Course Examples

As children gain more confidence and skill, they can take on more obstacles or use them differently. We provide recommended course pathways for children to try, but The Stadium is the only outdoor obstacle course that encourages free exploration and discovery.

A Cooler Way to Play

Schools and parks see a lot of sunshine during the summer months, and things can heat up pretty quickly. GameTime created an optional integrated fabric shade system to help keep The Stadium cooler and more comfortable. It features our patented QuickRelease system to make it easy to install or remove as necessary.


The integrated fabric shades attach to The Stadium uprights. There is no need for additional footings or supports for a shade structure. You can choose The Stadium or The Stadium with Integrated Shade.

Make The Stadium Part of Your School or Park

If your community has considered an outdoor obstacle course like Challenge Course, but you don't have space or budget, The Stadium could be the answer. It includes ten obstacles in a single compact design that's smaller and more affordable than other obstacle course options. It's also the only outdoor obstacle course with an optional integrated shade system.

Contact your local GameTime obstacle course expert today to learn how The Stadium can transform your park or playground into a ninja warrior experience.

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