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What is the Best Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Dispenser?


The Right Hand Sanitizer for Outdoor Use

Many people ask us, "what is the best hand sanitizer dispenser?" Small, squeeze-type dispensers are handy to keep in your pocket or purse. Large pump-style or automatic dispensers are great for larger groups.

However, as people utilize hand sanitizer in outdoor parks and recreation spaces, it's important to consider the why, where, and how of hand sanitizer dispensers.

Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Basics

Health Canada recommends using soap and water to prevent the spread of germs and viruses. If soap and water are not available, Health Canada recommends using hand sanitizer containing at least 60% alcohol.

With new guidance from Parks Canada about using parks and outdoor recreational facilities, there is interest in making hand sanitizer available outdoors. Some parks don't have restrooms or hand washing stations with soap and water. In these cases, hand sanitizer is the best option.

Keep Hand Sanitizer in Place

A concern among park workers is how to make sure a bottle of hand sanitizer doesn't "walk away." Some people attach metal cables or lanyards to hand sanitizer dispensers. Other people use duct tape to latch a bottle of hand sanitizer to a post.

Neither of these approaches prevent people from moving the hand sanitizer. A better method is a locking hand sanitizer enclosure that is stationary, durable, and easy to maintain.

The Right Size

Some parks maintenance staff ask us, "what size hand sanitizer dispenser should I buy?" A good idea is to buy the largest size that fits your outdoor hand sanitizer enclosure.

GameTime's Outdoor Hand Sanitizer Stations accommodate dispensers up to 1250ml. An internal shelf can be adjusted to hold smaller sizes, too. A 1250ml dispenser will provide about 1,350 pumps, or "actuations."

A person may require one or two actuations for an adequate amount of liquid to sanitize their hands. A 1250ml bottle will serve between 675 and 1,350 visitors before you need to refill it.

Where Should I Install Outdoor Hand Sanitizer?

Hospitals and health care facilities have installed hand sanitizers hand sanitizers outdoors for years to prevent the spread of germs inside their facilities. It is also essential to make sure parks and outdoor recreation visitors have access to hand sanitizer. We recommend placing hand sanitizer stations at many locations:

  • Main entrances to parks, playgrounds and recreation facilities
  • With seating and picnic areas
  • Near trash bins (or install a GameTime Hand Sanitizer Station with built-in trash bin)
  • At athletic and sports fields for team members and spectators
  • With non-flushing toilets
  • Any public spaces where people gather outdoors

What is the Best Hand Sanitizer Dispenser for a Park, School, or Other Outdoor Facility?

The best hand sanitizer dispenser is one that has the right type of sanitizing liquid and is easily available. When using hand sanitizer outdoors, make sure it contains at least 60% alcohol. Install hand sanitizer in places that are easy to find and access. Choose a durable, locking enclosure, so it is available whenever someone needs it.

If you would like to add hand sanitizer stations to your outdoor recreation space, contact a GameTime expert in Canada. We will help you identify the right type of hand sanitizer enclosure, the number you need, and the best areas to install them.