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Three Playground Upgrades That Make it Easy to Keep Things Clean


Keeping a playground clean is an essential part of building and maintaining a playground. Many playgrounds across Canada are closed to help slow the spread of coronavirus. Having a plan in place to keep your playground clean when they reopen will be important to help ensure a positive play experience for the whole community.

Clean and Disinfect

Cleaning and disinfecting your park is a critical part of safe playground maintenance. Our playground equipment is made from easy to clean surfaces like plastic, metal and steel. Here are three easy upgrades to make cleaning your playground easier.

Easier-to-Clean Surfacing

Playground surfacing options like Pour-in-Place or Recycled Rubber are highly durable and low-maintenance options for playgrounds. With smooth surfaces, these choices make it easier to clean the entire area. These options also improve accessibility to the playground for children of all abilities.

Litter and Waste Bins

Adding (more) waste and recycling bins to your park helps encourage people to maintain the cleanliness of the play area. Making sure these receptacles are clearly marked and easy to access can help limit the litter and garbage debris on the playground itself.

Seating Areas

An easier-to-clean alternative to wooden seating, benches made of steel and plastic help you adhere to your specific playground cleaning strategies. They are also great additions to a playground to give children and families a place to rest or socialize during and after play.

Make a Plan

By creating a regular maintenance plan, you can ensure your playground is always clean and in top shape. Adding low maintenance, easy-to-clean amenities can help make the cleaning and disinfecting process easy for your maintenance staff. If you would like to discuss a plan for your playground, contact one of our playground experts today!