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Questions and Answers with Park N Play Design


We know you have questions about playgrounds, and we want to provide answers. Below you will find most of the typical questions received by Park N Play Design, one of GameTime's representatives in Canada. If you have more questions that need answers, contact us anytime!

Question: How can I be sure my new playground meets safety requirements?

Answer: Every Park n Play Design playground is designed with the children who will use it in mind. All products are IPEMA certified in compliance to CSA standards.

Question: How long does it usually take to complete a playground project?

Answer: Choosing a pre-designed structure from our website or catalog is the quickest way to get your system delivered, but we also offer designs created just for you. Custom designs will add to the timeline, as they will need to be designed and rendered according to your specifications. After your order is placed, your equipment should arrive within 3-4 weeks.

Question: If our site is challenging to use, can you still build a playground on it?

Answer: Yes! Our design experts can take your site-specific measurements and develop a plan to maximize the play space in your area and in your budget.

Question: Do you handle playground installation?

Answer: Yes, we have certified installers that have been trained on how to install our products. Ask your local recreation consultant for more information.

Question: Can you help with playground maintenance?

Answer: We have a dedicated Customer Service department that will help you find and order any replacement parts needed, whether you are still under warranty or not.

Question: What do I need to consider when planning a new playground?

Answer: There are four main factors to consider when planning a playground space: The overall size of the site, the age of the intended users, the overall projected number of users, and the planning roadmap that will help breakdown the process – the surfacing, freight, and installation considerations, and how to best plan your budget.

Question: Do you offer custom playground design?

Answer: Absolutely! But let’s talk about what “custom” means. We offer pre-designed structures that you can see on our website and catalog. These structures are ordered as shown. We can also design a custom structure using existing products that will fit within your specific space and budget. On some occasions, we can also do “specials” a play structure utilizing standard equipment and special products we create just for you, such as a panel with custom text or a unique climber themed after your community history or some other unique event.