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Outdoor Fitness Parks for Stronger Communities


Outdoor Fitness Parks for Better Health

We receive questions all the time, in regards to "what are the best types of equipment for an outdoor fitness park?" or "how can I promote my outdoor fitness park to improve our community health efforts?" - these and many other questions have increased over the years as communities look for innovative ways to encourage people to get outside and exercise in the great outdoors.

In this blog series, we will answer and review these questions and many more. You'll find information that inspires and motivates communities to advocate and utilize Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks as critical health solutions for increasing social engagement and physical activity.

The Values and Benefits of Outdoor Adult Fitness Parks

  • Free to all users, providing needed resources in underserved communities especially.
  • People who exercise outdoors regularly are more likely to repeat the behavior
  • People who exercise outdoors are likely to engage in activity longer than those who exercise indoor
  • Exercise provides a social outlet
  • Provides enjoyment to people of all abilities and fitness levels
  • Provides exposure to nature, sunlight and fresh air which increases important levels of vitamin D
  • May generate higher participation of those who exercise regularly than other indoor options.
  • Offers owners of outdoor fitness parks an outlet for generating revenue through program agreements and contracts with certified personal trainers
  • Acts as a catalyst to promote and motivate the non-exercising population to engage
  • Expands interest in related community services, such as health screenings and nutrition education
  • Fitness parks located within sightlines of a playground help promote the importance of life-long fitness, active behavior in adult family members and increase time spent at the playground
  • Promotes pride in neighborhoods where these outdoor fitness parks are located
  • Your community may qualify for increased grant funding related to obesity prevention/reduction in your area
  • Increases community engagement and social capital efforts
  • Promotes healthy behavior in an age-appropriate setting for all families to enjoy.

If you want to learn more about the benefits and values that outdoor fitness parks add and want to explore creating one for your community, contact the GameTime fitness expert in your community.