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The Science Behind the World's Favorite Playground Swing


Expression Swing is the world’s favorite playground swing. It’s the first and patented face-to-face, eye-to-eye swing that promotes multigenerational play and supports emotional bonding, also called attunement, between a child and adult. Dr. Stuart Brown, expert in play science and human development through play, discusses the science behind the Expression Swing.

The Social Science Behind Swinging Play

Dr. Stuart Brown demonstrates early attunement, or play attunement, by describing the moment when a parent makes eye contact with a young infant who is cable of producing a social smile. When they both smile back at each other while maintaining eye contact, we call this early attunement, and emotional bonding occurs through this interaction.

Even as adults, humans love the joy of movement. Combine that movement with good eye contact, and you create a face-to-face, fun-infused moment that fosters emotional bonding. The Expression Swing offers this new positive dimension to the swinging experience.

Humans inherently desire social play. The availability of a face-to-face swing allows stimulation of our natural desire to move and play together in all ages. Three-dimensional movement fosters things that are really important such as emotional competency and future learning.