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Recycled Rubber Tiles

GT Impax’s Recycled Rubber Tiles are available in two styles: Interlocking Tiles and Standard Tiles (individually glued to the sub-base). Both styles are offered with a pigmented rubber top or EPDM top. Both adhere to the guidelines for Annex H and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA), noted for having excellent shock absorption and high ratings in accessibility and durability. Best of all, they can used indoors or outdoors because no on-site mixing is required. If you’re looking for a low maintenance, versatile playground surface, recycled rubber tiles are a great solution.

The Standard Tile locks into place with an adhesive. The Interlocking Title utilizes a patented locking edge, which reduces lateral shift, corner lift and tile strain. Color options include pigmented, constructed from 100% recycled rubber with a colorized recycled rubber comprising the top layer, as well as EPDM topped tiles that are made from recycled and virgin rubber and available in a variety of colors. The EPDM tile can be ordered in multiple color combinations as well.


  • Highly accessible and inclusive
  • Low maintenance and will not mold or mildew
  • Easily repaired by replacing only damaged tiles
  • Available with complete system of edges and transitions
  • Multiple color options

Basic Specifications

  • Available in varying thicknesses to meet critical fall heights up to 10 feet
  • Various edging tile options are available, including CSA accessible ramp tiles
  • Although self-installation is possible, professional installation is recommended
  • Recommended sub-base options: concrete or asphalt with suitable drainage
  • Meets all applicable CSA standards


  • Containment systems like curbs will reduce the spread of surfacing into non-play spaces
  • Raking is required to maintain compliant depths
  • Adequate drainage is an important preventative measure for best functionality

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Recycled Rubber Tiles offer superior shock absorption, durability and accessibility for playground users.

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