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Recycled Bonded Rubber

GT Impax’s Recycled Bonded Rubber offers a unitary, highly accessible playground surface constructed of clean, recycled shredded rubber tires. In addition to providing a natural look, the bonded rubber is also a lower cost option that can be installed quickly. It meets safety and accessibility requirements set by Annex H and the Canadian Standards Association (CSA).

The rubber’s thickness is customized on-site by a certified installer who can measure the specific depth, slope and tolerance of the material based on your play equipment, which eliminates any excess and helps save you money. The larger rubber particles are porous, allowing water to easily flow through them. With proper drainage, it will not freeze. Additionally, the bonded rubber allows for piling and sloping and it resists displacement.


  • Natural look is great for nature-themed play spaces or walkways
  • Meets accessibility standards set forth by CSA guidelines
  • Less routine maintenance required for compliance
  • System is customized on site to meet your play equipment’s unique fall height requirements
  • Multiple color options

Basic Specifications

  • Single-layer system consists of recycled shredded rubber and binder
  • Binder is a basic, single component aliphatic agent
  • Product to be installed over asphalt, concrete or compacted stone
  • Meets all CSA standards applicable to playground safety surfaces


  • Great option for accessible pathways within a loose-fill play zone
  • Preventative maintenance is recommended to keep high traffic areas sealed

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Recycled Bonded Rubber provides a playground surface that is seamless, accessible and can be quickly installed.

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