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Playground Inspection and Maintenance Guide

MaintenanceGuidebook_Cover3.jpg#asset:6741Playground Inspection and Maintenance Guide

Routine playground maintenance extends the life of your playground and provides a checkpoint for compliance standards. Authored by playground safety consultants Teri Hendy and Daniel Hendy, of Site Masters, Inc., the Playground Inspection and Maintenance guide helps maximize playground maintenance efforts. The guide explains the difference between the two necessary types of inspections: low-frequency and high-frequency.

Low-frequency maintenance checks are often performed quarterly or semi-annually and include an in-depth investigation of the surfacing and equipment, specifically identifying wear and tear. High-frequency maintenance checks are performed daily or weekly and look at constantly changing conditions caused by use, weather or vandalism.

After reviewing the guide, playground programmers will better understand how to:

  • Develop a long-term maintenance plan for your playground
  • Perform in-depth investigations of equipment & surfacing
  • Inspect changing conditions caused by weather, general use and/or vandalism

Download the two types of inspection checklists here:

The guide explains how to identify and correct any hazardous issues on the playground and helps playground administrators develop a sustainable maintenance plan that protects their investment, minimizes costs and enhances children’s play experience. Request a copy of the Playground Inspection and Maintenance Guide using the form below.