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Pathways for Play®

Pathways for PlayPathways for Play®

PlayCore partnered with the Natural Learning Initiative, College of Design, at NC State University to develop Pathways for Play®, an educational design resource that helps infuse play into trail systems, paths or greenways. It helps communities promote playful trails that encourage children and adults to play and interact along the way to their next destination.

Benefits of the program include health promotion, social inclusion, engagement with nature, environmental awareness and community social capital.

The program guide outlines recommendations for:

  • Combining historical elements, play equipment and natural materials into sections of existing path systems
  • Design best practices for planners and trail designers as they create connective routes
  • Teaching children about the environment in a friendly, non-formal way

The guidebook combines research on spontaneous play, outdoor family interactions, traffic issues, independent mobility, nature experiences and adult/child interactions and provides recommendations on how communities can re-engage children and families through outdoor recreation. Download the executive program summary or request a copy of Pathways for Play by using the form below.