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Challenge Course Youth

Want to take your school playground or community park to the next level? Challenge Course Youth is perfect for any organization looking to add more outdoor fun for children! GameTime’s Challenge Course Youth is an outdoor obstacle course specifically designed for ages 5-12, and it typically requires 3,000-5,000 square feet of space. The youth course includes the same obstacles as Challenge Course Pro, but on a smaller scale for this age group. Plus, you can choose any variety of colors, and we have more than 15 color options! Not only does Challenge Course Youth bring outdoor fun to a younger demographic, it is also compliant with playground safety standards.

Challenge Course Youth promotes physical activity while also encouraging children to be social with one another. Peers can engage in some friendly competition, while also improving their overall fitness through obstacles that promote balance, strength, flexibility and aerobic activity. A wide range of obstacles are available in the Challenge Course Youth product line, so organizations can choose which obstacles to purchase initially and can always purchase additional units over time.

Design Your Own Course

If our pre-configured courses are not what you need, you can also design your own Challenge Course, which allows you to mix and match any combination of Challenge Course equipment. Our design experts can help you choose age-appropriate equipment and mix and match colors that give your course a unique appearance.

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Children can engage in friendly competition on the Challenge Course Youth obstacle course!

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