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Outdoor Adult Fitness™

Outdoor_Adult_Fitness_Parks_Cover.jpg#asset:6569Outdoor Adult Fitness™

Developed with PlayCore’s Advisory Network of fitness experts, the Outdoor Adult Fitness™ program lists best practices that promote community health by increasing physical activity outdoors. It helps communities find new ways to make exercise and physical activity more accessible, more available and more pleasurable for adults.

The Outdoor Adult Fitness program addresses the following topics:

  • Physical activity needs and implications
  • History of outdoor adult fitness parks
  • Unique benefits of outdoor adult fitness parks
  • Health benefits and considerations
  • Park design & equipment configuration
  • Implementation & sustainability
  • Programming, marketing and evaluation
  • Best practice case studies

Focusing on functional fitness and the four aspects of a well-rounded workout – aerobic activity, core development, muscle strength and balance and flexibility, the Outdoor Adult Fitness guidebook lists the benefits of outdoor exercise for adults and includes best-practice guidelines for designing and promoting an outdoor fitness space in your community. Download the executive program summary or request a copy of Outdoor Adult Fitness using the form below.