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Enjoy Seasons of Play


Across many parts of the country, playgrounds can be enjoyed year-round. At GameTime, we are excited for what this means for families and children. Not only are they getting to spend more time together outside, their playtime also keeps them active and helps lower stress levels.

No matter the season, here are some ideas to inspire you to get out and play!

Toss a ball around

Parks are a great place to head outside and start throwing a ball around. It can be as simple as a game of catch or a focused practice round for an upcoming softball game.

Start gardening

Who doesn’t love fresh fruits and veggies? The spring and summer months are a great time to test out your green thumb by planting a garden. Invite kids to play in the dirt and try out new fruits and vegetables.

Go exploring

Pick a new location where you’ve never been and opt outside for a hike. Climb to a higher elevation to catch some cool air or wander through the bottom of a valley to go swimming in a water hole or pick fresh flowers.

Fly a kite

What’s better on a breezy day than flying a kite? Running around to launch your kite into the air also happens to be great exercise! You can get creative and make your own kite or simply pick one up at the store on your way to the park.

Take a boat ride

Canoeing and kayaking are fun options to explore the outdoors from a different perspective – on the water! A boat ride is a great time to observe all the living things in and around the water.

Each season offers something unique that kids are sure to love. The most important part is getting outside and enjoying it!